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Applications will open for Homecoming in August 2023. 
Appointments will start in February 2024 for Prom. 

In order to receive formal wear (a dress, shoes, accessories or a tuxedo/suit rental certificate (when available) from Project Formal, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • A student must be enrolled as a current high school student in the Northwest Florida area and provide proof of a valid high school ID, if applicable.

  • A student must be experiencing a household hardship, current or past trauma, or other challenges preventing the student from purchasing their own formal attire.  

  • A student must complete the online application form below. 

  • An acting adult, such as a parent, mentor, guardian, or relative, may complete the application for an eligible student.   

  • In place of an acting adult, a principal, guidance counselor, community advocate, or social worker may refer an eligible student.

  • It is suggested all students be accompanied by an adult when attending a trunk show to select their formal wear. Please do not bring small children when selecting formal wear, as we want the focus on the student requesting their formal wear package. 

  • Students receiving an approval certificate will be eligible to select ONE dress.


Students applying for formal wear (dress, shoes, accessories, or tuxedo/suit certificate (when available) from Project Formal should expect:  

  • Once an application has been submitted for a formal package, students (and/or Acting Adult) will receive an Approval Certificate by email who meet eligibility.  The email will include information about the next available time/day and venue location of Project Formal's Trunk Show. 

  • Students MUST reply to the Approval Certificate email to ensure their name is on the list to attend the Trunk Show.  

  • Please refrain from bringing small children to the Trunk Show.  Space is limited and no child care is offered.  We strive to put all focus on the student's experience receiving a formal package.

  • Upon arriving at the trunk show, students will be able to select a formal gown of choice from Project Formal's inventory to keep.  Alterations will be available onsite (when available). 

  • Prior to the, the personal stylist will contact the student/adult to learn about the style and desires from the student.

  • Each student will by guided by a personal stylist through out their appointment to ensure the student's experience is memorable.  

  • Personal stylists will pamper each student by offering personalized service and styling tips to ensure your formal event is a lasting memory. (when available).  
  • If available, seamstress will be on hand during the trunk show or vouchers will be given to the student to make minor alternations. 
  • If available, hair and make up stylists will be on hand to provide tips and suggestion on hair styles that compliment the dress and the student.  

  • Students are encouraged to bring a female adult but not required.  The focus is ensuring the student makes the scheduled appointment.

  • Refreshments will be provided the day of the appointment to make the student's experience is extra special and memorable. 

  • All gowns and accessories (if available) are free of charge and yours to keep.  It's our small way to show you how special you are.   

Students applying for a tuxedo voucher from Project Formal should expect:

  • Students needing a tuxedo will need to complete the application process by selecting "tuxedo rental voucher" on the application.  

  • Eligible students requesting a tuxedo will be notified by phone/email with details about a tuxedo voucher. 

  • A personal stylist will be appointed to the student to ensure a memorable experience.  

  • Students receiving a tuxedo voucher will be responsible for contacting Community Partners assigned to the tuxedo voucher.  

  • Students receiving a tuxedo voucher will be responsible for fitting, pick up and return of tuxedo with the assigned Community Partner who is providing the rental. Student must be accompanied by a responsible adult when being fitted for tuxedo.

  • If available, a boutonniere package will accompany the tuxedo rental.  


Incomplete forms will not be considered. Please complete all questions on the forms.

Student's Contact Information:


Referral/Nominator Information:


Congratulations on completing your application for free formal wear. If the student meets eligibility, an approval certificate will be emailed to both the student and referral/nominator. The approval certificate will include a link to schedule an appointment to attend Project Formal's Trunk Show to select the student's formal wear. If you don't get a reply on your eligibility within 7 days, please email to make an inquiry.

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