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Changing lives one Dress  at a time. 


Project Formal is a community initiative based in Escambia County, Florida, with the aim to provide formal wear for students in the Northwest Florida School District who need assistance with school dance attire and accessories.

Every student should have an opportunity to attend a high school formal occasion, and this is why Project Formal exists.  Lack of appropriate attire due to household hardships, trauma, or challenges shouldn't keep students from missing these types of memorable events during their high school years.

In 2021, Natalie Lambert and her amazing team of volunteers founded the idea, and Project Formal planted its roots in Santa Rosa County. In 2022, Project Formal became officially associated with 4EVR DEZ, Inc., a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and expanded to serve all Northwest Florida High School students.  


4EVR DEZ promotes projects throughout Northwest Florida to enrich the lives of children experiencing struggles most families can't imagine.  Every student deserves memorable moments that will last a lifetime, including formal events.  

The mission of 4EVR DEZ is to ensure all students have the opportunity to enjoy school-sponsored events, no matter their household hardships, trauma, and other challenges.  4EVR DEZ makes every effort, along with community sponsors, to get students who fit within its mission to formal events.     


4EVR DEZ, Inc. is honored to be heading up Project Formal. 

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